DeployLX 5.0 R5650 Released


This is a maintenance release. No significant features have been added. 

Download DeployLX 5.0 R5650 

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DeployLX 5.0 R5521 Released


  • Improved CodeVeil heuristics on string reference usage - improves reflection based obfuscation.
  • Fixed registration issues with Sales Tools.
  • Resolves a few deployment issues discovered after the initial release.
  • Complete change log

Download DeployLX 5.0 R5521 

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DeployLX 5.0 Released


  • Obfuscate Everything disguises calls to system classes and third party assemblies.
  • Zero-width obfuscation renames protected methods to unrenderable strings.
  • Code Compression compacts MSIL metadata.
  • Improved runtime protection for non-encrypted assemblies.
  • Better anti-reflection to defeat Reflector and other disassemblers.
  • Virtual Machine Limits control use of software on VMs.
  • Standalone sales tools for sales and support staff.
  • Support .NET Client Profile.
  • Compile time attributes to declare obfuscation and encryption settings in source.
  • Improved Project and License Editors.
  • Property inlining reduces assembly size and improves performance.
  • Disable 3rd parties from compiling against veiled assemblies.
  • Exception translation supported for all obfuscation methods.
  • Improved user experience when CodeVeil detects tampering.
  • UI improvements and fixes.
  • More samples and updated documentation.
  • Better memory usage when veiling assemblies.
  • Compatibility updates for the latest versions of Windows and .NET.
  • Import and export license themes.
  • Complete Change Log

Download DeployLX 5.0

Compatibility with Earlier Versions

This release can be used as a complete replacement for version 3.x or 4.x. It is backwards compatible except for a few very specific breaking changes. Existing licenses can be validated with the new runtime license without change. License servers upgraded to the new 5.x runtime can validate and authorize 3.x and 4.x licenses without change.

I Have an Assurance Contract, Where's My License?

Valid assurance contract holders will receive a private email with instructions on how to obtain their free covered upgrade. Make sure your account is up to date so that the instruction email is delivered to the right address.

I Have a 3.x/4.x License and Want to Upgrade

If you purchased on or after Sep 22, 2011 you will receive a complimentary upgrade. Look for an email from us in the next 2 weeks with instructions on how to obtain your upgrade.

To purchase an upgrade, contact sales with your current serial numbers to request a quote.

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DeployLX 4.1 R4952 Released


  • Improved CodeVeil encrypted runtime performance.
  • Network license stability and reliability improvements.
  • Many minor usability and compatibility improvements.
  • Complete change log

Download Release Version

Final 4.x Release

This release serves as the final GA release for the 4.x line. We will continue to release security updates and major bug fixes as needed but all further development will be dedicated to the upcoming 5.x release.

See what features are currently in development for DeployLX 5.x

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XHEO Delivers First Class Copy Protection for .NET Developers

The DeployLX Software Protection System v4.1 represents the most advanced copy protection available for .NET developers. Balancing security and protection with customer ease of use. Protect your assets without frustrating users.

DeployLX Licensing is the leading copy protection tool for .NET developers for more than 10 years. DeployLX Licensing makes it easy to provide trials, hardware locking and remote monitoring of your products. With the included License Manager you can use one of 24 included license restrictions to match your copy protection strategy to meet your business goals. The rich user interface makes a great first impression on your users and makes it easy for them to understand and work within the license terms that you specify.

  • Compelling User Interface for users that makes a great first impression.  

  • Protect ASP.NET & Windows Applications, class libraries and controls.

  • License management tools that are easy to use but offer incredible power and flexibility.

  • SDK to build your own license management tools for sales and support staff.

  • Rules based licenses with 24 built in limits support myriad licensing schemes.

  • Hardware Locking with customizable hardware profiling, tolerance, online activation and license transfer.

  • Serial Numbers that can unlock protected features of an application.

  • Trial/Evaluations that can be limited by time or number of users.

  • Source Code for the runtime library for deep integration.

  • Remotely monitor and revoke licenses.

  • Network floating licenses that control the number of active applications on a network.

  • Software Subscriptions that can be renewed automatically online.

  • Generate licenses, serial numbers, activation codes and extensions from your own commerce server.

  • Wizards that automate protecting Visual Studio 2005, 2008 & 2010 projects.

  • Globalization with an ease to use translation editor.

DeployLX CodeVeil encrypts your .NET applications and DLLs and includes anti-debugging, anti-tracing, modification tracking, and more to prevent unauthorized access and modification of your assemblies. Veiled assemblies can be used just like any other assembly - no third party dll is required with your distribution! Don't want encryption? No problem, DeployLX CodeVeil still includes the unique obfuscation techniques not found in any other obfuscator without adding any additional runtime requirements.

  • Encrypt your Software and prevent unauthorized users from viewing or modifying your assemblies.

  • Any .NET Project including Windows Applications, ASP.NET Controls and Sites, Windows Services, EXEs or DLLs.

  • Industry Leading Obfuscation using multi-assembly usage analysis to maximize the reduction of meta-data and increase confusion.

  • Anti-Reflection technology to frustrate tools like ILDASM and Reflector.

  • Runtime Protection including anti-debugging, anti-memory dumping, anti-tracing and anti-profiling.

  • Tamper-Resistence makes it extremely difficult for hackers to modify the assembly and remove licensing and other restrictions.

  • String and Resource Encryption to protect your sensitive data.

  • Integrated MSBuild Tasks make it easy to integrate CodeVeil into your automated build process.

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DeployLX 4.1 R4545 Released

This release brings full native .NET 4.0 support  for both DeployLX Licensing & DeployLX CodeVeil. 


  • Full native support for .NET 4.0.
  • Many minor usability and compatibility improvements.
  • Complete change log

Download Release Version

Additional Samples

One additional sample has been added to demonstrate the use of the new Network Floating License features.

Network Licensed Windows Application Starter Kit

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DeployLX 4.1 r4474 Nightly Build supports .NET 4.0

We now have official full support for .NET 4.0 available in the nightly builds. This update includes runtime support for DeployLX CodeVeil code encryption features and better support for the updated .NET 4.0 runtime security model for all redistributable components.

Download Nightly Build

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DeployLX 4.0 R4463 Released

This release addresses a number of edge cases and potential deadlocks discovered after the initial release of DeployLX 4.0. It also marks a step closer to full .NET 4.0 support.


  • Minor usability updates and fixes to the Network Licensing system.
  • Stability issues in DeployLX application.
  • Fix problems with built in HTML Help using the disqus.com comment system.
  • Complete change log

Download Release Version

.NET 4.0 Support

We've been hard at work brining full .NET 4.0 runtime compatibility. Most of the work has been completed but is still being tested.

Download the latest experimental release

NOTE: The experimental release will overwrite any previous installs. You will need to completely uninstall the experimental release to restore the GA version.

Additional Samples

Two additional samples have been posted to demonstrate the use of DeployLX Licensing in a Windows Application and an ASP.NET application.

Licensed Windows Application Starter Kit

Licensed ASP.NET Application Starter Kit

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.NET 4.0 Experimental Support

Experimental support for .NET 4.0 is now available. 

Download it now

  • Supports runtime encryption for the 4.0 runtime
  • Supports new security settings for the 4.0 runtime.
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Support for .NET 4.0

What about .NET 4.0?

Official support for .NET 4.0 will be announced a few weeks following the official release of .NET 4.0. Currently the Licensing component works without issues against the .NET 4.0 Release Candidate. The Code Encryption feature of the CodeVeil Component is not stable in applications running under the .NET 4.0 runtime.

Every time Microsoft releases a major system update for the .NET runtime we have to re-vet the entire runtime executive injected by CodeVeil. Each time it takes a few weeks to a couple months to rework with all the unpublished and undocumented changes that Microsoft has made to the core runtime. Our customers of course want 4.0 support so it is an urgent matter for us to get 4.0 compatibility as well.

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