DeployLX 4.0 R4463 Released

This release addresses a number of edge cases and potential deadlocks discovered after the initial release of DeployLX 4.0. It also marks a step closer to full .NET 4.0 support.


  • Minor usability updates and fixes to the Network Licensing system.
  • Stability issues in DeployLX application.
  • Fix problems with built in HTML Help using the comment system.
  • Complete change log

Download Release Version

.NET 4.0 Support

We've been hard at work brining full .NET 4.0 runtime compatibility. Most of the work has been completed but is still being tested.

Download the latest experimental release

NOTE: The experimental release will overwrite any previous installs. You will need to completely uninstall the experimental release to restore the GA version.

Additional Samples

Two additional samples have been posted to demonstrate the use of DeployLX Licensing in a Windows Application and an ASP.NET application.

Licensed Windows Application Starter Kit

Licensed ASP.NET Application Starter Kit

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Published : Jun 15, 2010
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