Tamper proof your application

It just works. The first time.

Active runtime protection

Obfuscate everything - even system calls

Code Encryption

The next level  of protection with method code encryption. Ambient decryption provides just enough for the runtime to execute a method and never exposes a decrypted version of your assembly.

Smart Obfuscation 

More than just renaming. Smart obfuscation and one-way name overloading ireversibly eliminate names and associations not required at runtime. Zero-width encoding erases names from disassemblers.

It Just Works

CodeVeil Protects more of your application than the average obfuscator because it knows what is safe to change and what needs to be left alone. All without any special input or configuration. 

Active Runtime Protection

Passive protection like obfuscation and encrpyption frustrate hackers. Process an assembly with CodeVeil and it gets runtime protection that actively interferes with hacking efforts with anti-debugging, tamper proofing and runtime obfuscation.

Stop Reverse Engineering 

Precision corruption of assembly meta-data and clever application of the .NET runtime specification allows CodeVeil to produce assemblies that are functionally identical but break disassembly tools like Reflector and ILDASM.

Tamper Proofing

Trust that the code you deliver is the code that runs. More than just detecting tampering, CodeVeil uses a verification process that corrupts runtime state if protected assemblies or it's third party dependencies have been modified. 

Meet Your Deadline: You've got a deadline, we have the expertise. Get it done right the first time
Obfuscate Everything

Rename more than just private members. Obfuscate calls to everything including calls to system libraries and third party assemblies.

Support Serialization

Smart analysis can identify classes used for serialization and remote protocols and automatically adjust obfuscation.

Simplify delivery

By bundling protected assemblies and their dependencies into a single EXE or DLL. Seemless OS integration simulates the original files on disk.

[assembly: Protect]

Compile Time Attributes declare your protection settings directly in code with to control obfuscation, encryption and runtime protection settings.

Whole App Protection

Multi-assembly obfuscation and tamper proofing protects the entire application as a whole

Simplified DEbugging

Restore obfuscated exceptions and stack traces to their original source. For Visual Studio 2008 & 2010.

Build Tools

Integrate CodeVeil protection with your build scripts, MSBuild projects or continuous integation servers.

Obfuscation Rules

Apply custom obfuscation settings to multiple types and members by naming and pattern matching.

Additional Protection Features

  • String and Resource Encryption & Compression
  • Re-sign strong named assemblies with SNK files or from a Key Container
  • Support 32-bit and 64-bit applications
  • Windows Applications, DLL and Component Libraries, ASP.NET Applications & Controls
  • Support Generics across all advanced obfuscation protections

Upgrade Your Code Protection

If you are a current owner of a competing obfuscation tool you may be eligible for a discount.