Convert more downloads to sales

Flexible rules with minimum code

SDK: Control as much or little as you want

Obfuscation: Code Protection Included Free

Convert More downloads Into sales

Your software is your best sales tool. Offer trial versions and hook your customers. Unlock immediately with a serial number to continue working uninterrupted.

How Much Did you Lose Last Year? 

Poor implementation, restrictive rules, supporting multiple platforms costs you money and frustrates your customers. See how much it's costing you.

Want Military Grade Protection?

Don't wait for copy-cats. Right now you can use the same copy protection chosen by every branch of the US military, defense contractors, game developers and fortune 500 companies. 

Flexible Rules Minimum Code

Subscriptions, feature limited, hardware locked, no problem. Enforce your business rules without writing code, then change them without recompiling.

Stop unwanted File Sharing

With hardware locking that won't irritate customers. Automatically activate customers licenses online. Handle system changes and updates with grace. 

Code Protection Included Free

Your software isn't protected without it! Unless protected, it's easy for hackers to remove license checks from your software.

Meet Your Deadline: You've got a deadline, we have the expertise. Get it done right the first time
You're commerce ready

Take advantage of your distribution channels: Online, CDs or 3rd party resellers. Integrate with any e-commerce solution.

Tweak And Automate

A complete SDK Automate common license tasks. Integrate with e-commerce solutions. Support sales staff and management. Customize the license experience and rules.

...Or Don't

And use the available wizards, standard licenses, samples and starter kits for Windows Forms ASP.NET/MVC projects to get done fast.

Love Your Sales Team

Tools for sales staff and managers to do basic licensing tasks like generate serial numbers, hardware activation codes and license extensions.


Made for a global audience and with translation tools to localize forms to your target language. You can even automate translation in any of the 30+ languages.

Use Your Own Forms and Graphics

Customize license forms with your own colors, logos and graphics. Select from included themes, create your own or completely replace the forms.

Monitor Software Usage Remotely

Disable non-paying customers. Automate license updates, hardware activation, registration and subscriptions with a license server.

Sell to Enterprise Customers

By offering network floating licenses you can safely issue site lienses for enterprise customers.