The License Validation Process

The DeployLX runtime is a library of copy protection methods that integrate into your product. Rather than writing custom rules in your code or learning an arcane list of methods to enforce different rules, you just call one method from the DeployLX Library.

Then you create license files using the Easy or Advanced License editors and describe the copy protection rules you'd like enforced.

DeployLX takes over from here. Finds a license. Verifies that you created the license - not a hacker - and that it has not been modified and that all the rules pass.

Public Class ProtectedClass
  Private _license As SecureLicense

  Public Sub New()
    _license = SecureLicenseManager.Validate(Me, Nothing, Nothing)
  End Sub

  Public Sub DoSomething()
    If _license.IsTrial Then
      MessageBox.Show("Enjoy the trial.")
      MessageBox.Show("Thanks for your purchase.")
    End If
  End Sub
End Class
public class ProtectedClass
  private SecureLicense _license;

  public ProtectedClass() {
    _license = SecureLicenseManager.Validate( this, null, null );

  public void DoSomething() {
   if( _license.IsTrial )
     MessageBox.Show( "Enjoy the trial." );
     MessageBox.Show( "Thanks for your purchase." );

No Code Changes Required

Serial Number Unlocking

License files may include license editions for the same product enabling different features or restrictions. When the user enters a serial number DeployLX unlocks the corresponding license and enables only those features assigned to that edition.

Trial Editions

Want to give users a chance to evaluate your product? No problem. Create a license file with a Trial limit. No code changes required.

License Servers

The validation process can be extended to a centralized license server where you can monitor license usage, remotely disable non-paying customers and automate common license tasks. Just add a License Server Limit to the license. No code changes required.

Hardware Locking

Associate a license with a specific user's machine to stop file sharing. Fine tune the license to your customers' needs with the unique machine profiling and tolerance adjustments available in DeployLX. Add an Activation Limit to the license. No code changes required.

License Keys

DeployLX uses the same SSL encryption used to protect your e-commerce transactions. Keys are split into two parts. Your private key (kept secret) used to create, encrypt and seal licenses, and a public key stored in your application used to authenticate licenses. 

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