DeployLX CodeVeil Editions

DeployLX CodeVeil Editions Summary
Team Build Edition The complete code protection solution including every feature available for teams of 1-6 developers. Additional seats can be purchased separately.
Professional Edition Designed for single developers or small teams of 1-3 developers
Express Edition Light version included with the copy protection tools intended as a stepping stone to get you started.
Team Size
1 3 6
Supports .NET 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 & 4.5      
Supports Visual Studio 2008      
Supports Visual Studio 2010, 2012, 2013      
64-bit Assemblies Details      
Project Types
Windows Forms Applications      
Console Applications      
.NET DLLs and Components      
Windows Service      
Namespace, Type, Method, Field renaming      
Maximum Method Overloading      
Intelligent Automatic Analysis      
Handling of Generic Types and Methods      
Handling of Auto-Generated Settings, Resource and My.* classes      
Declarative obfuscation with the ObfuscationAttribute in code      
Custom Obfuscation Rules      
Selection specific classes and members      
Per-Project Assemblies (DeployLX Manager) Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Per-Project Assemblies (Command Line, MSBuild, Server) Details 0 5 Unlimited
Inter-Assembly Renaming      
Encryption & Runtime Protection
Code Encryption      
Per-method encryption      
Anti-Memory Dumping  
String Encryption  
Per-string encryption  
Debugging & Diagnostics
Exception Translation  
Embedded Diagnostic Info  
Managed Resources
Resource Encryption  
Resource Compression  
Per-Resource Encryption and Compression  
Automatic Satellite Processing  
Easy to use XML Configuration Files
Collect Dependent Assemblies
Integrated into DeployLX Management Tools
Integrate into Visual Studio Build Process
Command Line Tools
MSBuild Tasks  
Re-sign Strong Named Assemblies from SNK  
Re-sign Strong Named Assemblies from Machine Key Store  
Multi-Threaded Veiling    
Other Protection Features
Strip Debug Information