Protecting Multiple Assemblies with DeployLX CodeVeil

DeployLX CodeVeil projects let you process multiple assemblies in a single batch, updating cross references between the assemblies. 

Adding Assemblies

Adding multiple assemblies to a DeployLX CodeVeil project couldn't be easier. Just follow these steps.

To Add Multiple Assemblies
  1. Start the DeployLX Manager.
  2. Create a new CodeVeil Project by selecting New CodeVeil Project from the Home tab on the Ribbon.
  3. Select Add Assembly from the CodeVeil tab on the Ribbon.
  4. Navigate to the folder where your assemblies are located and select all the assemblies to add to the project.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for any other folders.

How It Works

When DeployLX CodeVeil veils the assemblies in the project it does more than basic obfuscation on each assembly individually. It analyzes the interactions between assemblies and actually modifies public members that it determines are safe to rename. This results in a great deal more obfuscation between assemblies.

Assemblies that reference each other must all be added to the same project for CodeVeil to rename public classes and members.

Limitations On the Number of Assemblies

Express Multiple assemblies are not supported in the Express Edition.

The Professional Edition is intended for small development shops of 1-3 developers that do not use an automated build system.

  • When a CodeVeil project is veiled from the DeployLX Manager there are no limitations on the number of assemblies that can be protected at a time. You are limited only by the amount of memory and processing power of the build machine.

  • When a CodeVeil Project is veiled from the command line or as part of an automated build script (MSBuild, Team Foundation Server, CruiseControl.NET etc.) you are limited to protecting 5 assemblies. Larger projects that need the features of an automated build script must use the Team Build Edition.

  • You can protect more than 5 assemblies in an automated script by creating multiple smaller projects of 5 assemblies or less.

Team Build The Team Build Edition is designed to be integrated into an automated build system for larger teams. There are no limitations on the number of assemblies that can be processed at a time. You are limited only by the amount of memory and processing power of the build machine.

Memory Requirements

The assembly analysis system used by DeployLX CodeVeil requires a fair amount of memory to resolve all the inter-dependencies of the project. The exact amount of memory needed is difficult to estimate but you can expect between 25-40MB of memory for each assembly included in the project and 10-25MB for each assembly referenced by project assemblies. If more than one project assembly reference the same 3rd party assembly (ex. System.dll) it is only loaded into memory once.

Published : Feb 11, 2009
Updated : Jan 18, 2012
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