DeployLX Licensing Editions

Basic Features
1024, 2048 or 4096-bit RSA keys for secure and reliable licenses.
Protect any .NET assembly including Windows Applications, Class Libraries, ASP.NET components and Windows Services.
Simple to use license creation and editing tools.
Advanced license editing tools to control all the specific options of licenses and limits.
Compelling user interface that makes it easy on your users and presents a strong first impression.
Variable licenses, change the license rules of an application without recompiling.
Rules based license enforcement system including branching logic to enforce different rules for different runtime environments.
Wizard for automatically adding the protection framework to your Visual Studio .NET 2005 and 2008 projects.
Comprehensive documentation and class reference.
Full globalization support with translation editor.
User Interface
Easy to use interface with advanced special effects and graphics.
Customizable color schemes.
Custom background images, logos and icons.
Easy to use Theme Editor.
Serial Numbers & Registration
Issue serial numbers that can be used to unlock the protected features of an application.
Use one of 5 built in serial number algorithms or create your own.
Require serial number from previous versions for upgrades serial numbers.
Set up to 8 application specific flags in the generated serial numbers that can be used to turn features on or off.
Initialize time and use limits when a serial number is entered.
Capture registration details and send them to a license server.
Hardware Locking
Hardware locked licenses with customizable hardware profiling and tolerance.
Issue unlock codes by phone or email when the user does not have an Internet connection.
Automated online activation.
License transfer wizard to move licenses between machines.
Automated online license transfer.
Cumulative hardware change tracking and silent activation to handle ongoing minor changes to the machine hardware.
License Server 
Remotely monitor and revoke licenses.
Host your own license server with any ASP.NET compatible service provider.
Tune how often the license must call home for validation.
Support connection issues for long running processes like ASP.NET web sites and Windows Services.
Configure multiple servers to handle intermittent connection issues and server failures.
Network Licensing
Let teams share software in a controlled network.
Support networks of 5, 25, 100 and unlimited client sizes.
Automatic service discover - just works for most clients.
Remote administration for network admins.
Connect to network service over the Internet.
Checkout licenses to support disconnected clients while they travel.
Run as a windows service or simple tray application.
Software Subscriptions
Create software subscriptions that are limited by time or number of uses.
Automatically renew the software online.
Issue extension codes to renew the software subscription without an Internet connection.
Embeddable C# Runtime Optional Add-On
Embed the licensing runtime source code directly into your C# projects.
Fully obfuscate all the members of the licensing system making it even more difficult on hackers.
Compile your own version of the licensing assembly (and distribute with a different name).
Single source file makes it as easy to add the source as referencing the compiled assembly.
Compile flags turn features on and off to include only as much as you need to support your licenses.
Add HTML to the output of all ASP.NET page requests.
Restrict the use of the protected software to a range of IP Addresses.
Restrict the use of the protected software to a domain name using wildcards or regular expressions.
Prevent the software from being used in an ASP.NET site, or only let the software run from within ASP.NET.
Limit the number of active ASP.NET sessions allowed to access the application simultaneously.
License Features
Perform asynchronous validation for long running processes like online validation checks.
Trial/Evaluation editions that can be limited by time or number of users.
Check the client machine's clock against the NIST time service.
Display a splash screen when the license is validated.
Restrict the use of the protected software to designtime or runtime environments.
Control how long the protected software can be used after installing.
Control how many times the protected software can be used.
Tie the protected software to a specific publisher's strong name keys.
Control the types of services (ASP.NET, XML Web Service, Windows Service) that can use the protected software.
Control which version of the protected software can be used by the license.
Specify which operating systems the software may or may not be used on.
Issue beta licenses that expire at a set date and provide instructions on how to obtain the latest release.
Custom C# or VB.NET scripts that are evaluated when the license is validated.
Create custom limits that enforce application specific validation.