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DeployLX Licensing: Copy Protection for .NET

Leading copy protection tool for .NET developers for more than 6 years. Unmatched security and flexibility makes it easy to offer trials, hardware locking and remote monitoring to your products. Use the license editors and 31 built in rules to design licenses to fit your business. The rich user interface makes a great first impression on your users and makes it easy for them to understand and work within the terms of your license.

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DeployLX CodeVeil: Code Protection for .NET

Encrypt your .NET applications and DLLs and include anti-debugging, anti-tracing, modification tracking, and more to prevent unauthorized access and modification of your assemblies. Veiled assemblies can be used just like any other assembly - no third party dll is required with your distribution! Don't want encryption? No problem, DeployLX CodeVeil still includes the best obfuscation techniques without adding any additional runtime requirements.

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