Problems Placing an Order

We do our best to make ordering products from as easy as possible. On occasion you may have trouble completing your order. This guide will help you address the most common problems.

Security Data Mismatch

The most common issue related to placing an order online is caused by a mismatch in the address information used to verify the authenticity of the order. If your bank does not provide AVS data then the shopping cart cannot verify your order and you must contact sales directly.

Your bank statement may show that the card has been charged - it has not. The money has been reserved but will not be removed from your account. It can take up to 3 days for this money to be released back to your account.

Review our Payment Options for instructions on submitting your order manually.

Transaction Declined

This indicates that your bank declined the transaction. We do not have information on why it was declined beyond the failure response codes listed below.  You must either contact your bank to determine the cause or use another form of payment.

Failure Response Codes

200 Address verification failed
The billing address provided does not match the billing address on file at the bank. Please go back and use the address where your bank statements are mailed to.
201 Verbal authorization required
The bank has requested verbal authorization. Please contact support to arrange payment.
203 Declined. Contact bank
The bank has declined the charge. They do not provide a reason for the decline and you must contact the bank directly to discover the problem.
204 Insufficient funds
There are not enough funds to cover the transaction. Some banks limit the size of online purchases and may require pre-authorization to process amounts over that limit. Please contact the bank to authorize the transaction and try again.
520 Request has been flagged as suspicious by the authorizing bank
Some aspect of the billing details or the purchase has met one of your banks fraud thresholds. You will need to contact the bank to approve the purchase prior to submitting the order. After contacting the bank, return and try again.

Please contact support to resolve any other errors.

Addresses with PO Box Numbers

Our shopping system uses an Address Verification System to verify the billing information provided when placing an order. The system does not currently support validating PO Boxes and will reject any order placed with a PO Box.

Try using the address of your bank. If you continue to have problems please contact sales directly to place your order manually.

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