DeployLX v4.0 Released

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  • Windows 7 Support
  • Brand new Network Licensing support local, branch and remote network support including disconnected clients.
  • Hundreds of end user enhancements including better instructions, easier navigation, reduced prompts and others.
  • New Feature limit to support named features enabled by serial number or extension code.
  • New Feature Filter limit to enable or disable child limits based on enabled features.
  • New Type limit to filter license support based on licensed type.
  • New Reset limit to reset time and use state based on the success of other limits. Enables renewable grace periods.
  • New State limit to enforce different rules based on the state of other rules. 
  • New Remote Desktop limit to control use over remote desktop sessions.
  • New Online limit to enable different rules based on Internet connectivity.
  • Dozens of system stability and compatibility enhancements for CodeVeil.
  • FIPS compliance.
  • Show license forms at any time to extend a license prematurely, enter a new serial number, activate on demand, etc.
  • Change Log

Compatibility with 3.x Licensing Runtime

This release can be used as a complete replacement for version 3.x. It is backwards compatible except for a few very specific breaking changes. Existing licenses can be validated with the new runtime license without change. License servers upgraded to the new 4.x runtime can validate and authorize 3.x licenses without change.

What about .NET 4.0?

Official support for .NET 4.0 will be announced a few weeks following the official release of .NET 4.0. Currently the Licensing component works without issues against the .NET 4.0 Release Candidate. The Code Encryption feature of the CodeVeil Component is not stable in applications running under the .NET 4.0 runtime.

I Have an Assurance Contract, Where's My License?

Valid assurance contract holders will receive a private email with instructions on how to obtain their free covered upgrade. Make sure your account is up to date so that the instruction email is delivered to the right address.

I Have a 3.x License and Want to Upgrade

If you purchased on or after Feb 5, 2010 you will receive a complimentary upgrade. Look for an email from us in the next 2 weeks with instructions on how to obtain your upgrade.

To purchase an upgrade, contact sales with your current serial numbers to request a quote.

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Published : Apr 09, 2010
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