Upgrading from Vista to Windows 7 RC1

When upgrading from Windows Vista to the new Windows 7 RC some customers have complained of license access errors when running their protected software. DeployLX Licensing contains anti-hacking features to detect when a hacker tries to delete the secure storage.  When detected any license that uses secure storage (such as those containing a Time limit or Activation limit) will fail -- informing the user that they need to run the application as an administrator at least once. However running as an administrator does not resolve the issue because the secure storage is still missing.

During the upgrade process the Windows Setup only copies the first entry in the secure storage database. When the protected application is run for the first time after upgrading the first run markers are found, but the secure storage is missing. DeployLX Licensing detects this and employs the anti-hacking technique described above.

A fix for this process has been added to the nightly builds. For those using the embeddable source, please contact support to obtain corresponding nightly build.

The fix will when installed before or after the OS upgrade will permit the user to run the protected application once the OS has been upgraded.

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Published : May 20, 2009
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