DeployLX 5.0 Released


  • Obfuscate Everything disguises calls to system classes and third party assemblies.
  • Zero-width obfuscation renames protected methods to unrenderable strings.
  • Code Compression compacts MSIL metadata.
  • Improved runtime protection for non-encrypted assemblies.
  • Better anti-reflection to defeat Reflector and other disassemblers.
  • Virtual Machine Limits control use of software on VMs.
  • Standalone sales tools for sales and support staff.
  • Support .NET Client Profile.
  • Compile time attributes to declare obfuscation and encryption settings in source.
  • Improved Project and License Editors.
  • Property inlining reduces assembly size and improves performance.
  • Disable 3rd parties from compiling against veiled assemblies.
  • Exception translation supported for all obfuscation methods.
  • Improved user experience when CodeVeil detects tampering.
  • UI improvements and fixes.
  • More samples and updated documentation.
  • Better memory usage when veiling assemblies.
  • Compatibility updates for the latest versions of Windows and .NET.
  • Import and export license themes.
  • Complete Change Log

Download DeployLX 5.0

Compatibility with Earlier Versions

This release can be used as a complete replacement for version 3.x or 4.x. It is backwards compatible except for a few very specific breaking changes. Existing licenses can be validated with the new runtime license without change. License servers upgraded to the new 5.x runtime can validate and authorize 3.x and 4.x licenses without change.

I Have an Assurance Contract, Where's My License?

Valid assurance contract holders will receive a private email with instructions on how to obtain their free covered upgrade. Make sure your account is up to date so that the instruction email is delivered to the right address.

I Have a 3.x/4.x License and Want to Upgrade

If you purchased on or after Sep 22, 2011 you will receive a complimentary upgrade. Look for an email from us in the next 2 weeks with instructions on how to obtain your upgrade.

To purchase an upgrade, contact sales with your current serial numbers to request a quote.

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Published : Nov 22, 2011
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