DeployLX 3.2 R3140 Released

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  • Fixed module load exception on 64-bit operating systems with kill-debuggers option enabled.
  • Added option to copy details to clipboard from the standard DeployLX Licesning extension panel.
  • Calling SecureLicenseManager.ResetCacheXXXX methods will now clear license application state. This state is not used to enforce limits but to enhance user interface such as only showing the Trial form once per session.
  • Added Test License button to DeployLX manager to make it easier to test licenses during development.
  • When the license changes on the client are persisted they normally always try to save to the original location. If access is denied changes are persisted to a shadow copy of the license. Now, when the client persistence (LicenseFile.SaveTo) is NotSet, DeployLX will detect if the license is embedded and would normally be saved to the Program Files folder and will automatically use the shared folder instead.
  • Added new option to Trial and Activation limits to control when the form is shown. The FirstTimeAndExpires value will show the form the first time the license is validated, then only again after the trial or grace period has expired.
  • Fixed FieldAccessException when referencing public fields of types that also include private fields from another assembly.
  • Added ability to obtain the deactivation codes when calling SecureLicenseManager.Deactivate.
  • Changed the CodeVeil MSBuild targets to automatically be included in the build process at the end of the CoreBuild target.
  • Resolved logic that allowed any returned value from a License Server to be ignored when Can Skip Server was selected in the Registration Limit.
  • Fixed InvalidFormatException with non-english translations.
  • When closing a project in the DeployLX Manager, if changes had occured since the last save the user was prompted. Selecting Cancel from the dialog box would result in the project being closed, unsaved, and any changes lost. Resolved the conflict to return to the project without closing it.
  • Fixed inheriting from nested class causes stack overflow exception.
  • See the complete change log for more details.

UPDATE: We had a small bug in the build script that was marking the builds and change log with an older build number. This has been fixed and the version number is correct in all locations.

Getting the Update

This update is free to users with a current Assurance Contract or those that purchased within the past 90 days.

To download the update select Help | Check for Updates in the DeployLX Manager, or visit the My Account section of the website to download authorized installers.

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Published : Apr 02, 2009
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