XHEO Delivers First Class Copy Protection for .NET Developers

The DeployLX Software Protection System v4.1 represents the most advanced copy protection available for .NET developers. Balancing security and protection with customer ease of use. Protect your assets without frustrating users.

DeployLX Licensing is the leading copy protection tool for .NET developers for more than 10 years. DeployLX Licensing makes it easy to provide trials, hardware locking and remote monitoring of your products. With the included License Manager you can use one of 24 included license restrictions to match your copy protection strategy to meet your business goals. The rich user interface makes a great first impression on your users and makes it easy for them to understand and work within the license terms that you specify.

  • Compelling User Interface for users that makes a great first impression.  

  • Protect ASP.NET & Windows Applications, class libraries and controls.

  • License management tools that are easy to use but offer incredible power and flexibility.

  • SDK to build your own license management tools for sales and support staff.

  • Rules based licenses with 24 built in limits support myriad licensing schemes.

  • Hardware Locking with customizable hardware profiling, tolerance, online activation and license transfer.

  • Serial Numbers that can unlock protected features of an application.

  • Trial/Evaluations that can be limited by time or number of users.

  • Source Code for the runtime library for deep integration.

  • Remotely monitor and revoke licenses.

  • Network floating licenses that control the number of active applications on a network.

  • Software Subscriptions that can be renewed automatically online.

  • Generate licenses, serial numbers, activation codes and extensions from your own commerce server.

  • Wizards that automate protecting Visual Studio 2005, 2008 & 2010 projects.

  • Globalization with an ease to use translation editor.

DeployLX CodeVeil encrypts your .NET applications and DLLs and includes anti-debugging, anti-tracing, modification tracking, and more to prevent unauthorized access and modification of your assemblies. Veiled assemblies can be used just like any other assembly - no third party dll is required with your distribution! Don't want encryption? No problem, DeployLX CodeVeil still includes the unique obfuscation techniques not found in any other obfuscator without adding any additional runtime requirements.

  • Encrypt your Software and prevent unauthorized users from viewing or modifying your assemblies.

  • Any .NET Project including Windows Applications, ASP.NET Controls and Sites, Windows Services, EXEs or DLLs.

  • Industry Leading Obfuscation using multi-assembly usage analysis to maximize the reduction of meta-data and increase confusion.

  • Anti-Reflection technology to frustrate tools like ILDASM and Reflector.

  • Runtime Protection including anti-debugging, anti-memory dumping, anti-tracing and anti-profiling.

  • Tamper-Resistence makes it extremely difficult for hackers to modify the assembly and remove licensing and other restrictions.

  • String and Resource Encryption to protect your sensitive data.

  • Integrated MSBuild Tasks make it easy to integrate CodeVeil into your automated build process.