DeployLX v4.0 Release Candidate

It's finally here. We've been working hard to improve the developer experience and user experience with the DeployLX suite of applications.


  • Reworked the Network Licensing system.
  • Windows 7 Compatibility.
  • Hundreds of end user enhancements including better instructions, easier navigation, reduced prompts and others.
  • 4 Additional limits.
  • Limit filters to adjust rules based on the state of other limits.
  • Improved system compatibility.
  • FIPS Compliance.
  • Show license forms at any time after validation.
  • Breaking Changes

Change Log

Part of the new development efforts involved integrating a bug tracking/feature tracking system into our development process. We tried FogBugz, AxoSoft and finally settled on what we liked best - YouTrack by the same folks that make ReSharper.

You can find a complete change log for DeployLX on our YouTrack site.

What about .NET 4.0?

Official support for .NET 4.0 will be announced a few weeks following the official release of .NET 4.0. Currently the Licensing component works without issues against the .NET 4.0 Release Candidate. The Code Encryption feature of the CodeVeil Component is not stable in applications running under the .NET 4.0 runtime.

Getting the Release Candidate

The evaluation version of the 4.0 Beta can be downloaded directly from our site.

If you've purchased DeployLX 3.x you'll find the release version of the beta in your account downloads.

Final Release Date

Pending any major security flaws discovered in the release candidate, DeployLX 4.0 will be released for General Availability Monday April 5, 2010.

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Published : Mar 19, 2010
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