Rapid Integration Service

Everything needed to obfuscate and
encrypt  your product.

Those new to obfuscation may find some unexpected naming dependencies in their software resulting in unexpected crashes or exceptions. CodeVeil is generally able to detect these scenarios automatically. When you just need it to work and don't have time to fiddle, let XHEO take care of it.

*Service Guarantee If we can't integrate with your project in the stated time - after complete receipt of your assemblies and all 3rd party dependencies - you don't pay anything for the service.
  • Setup a CodeVeil Project to protect up to 5 assemblies using recommended settings based on intended distribution
  • Recommendations on code changes for improved security, reliability or compatibility
  • Everything in the Starter edition
  • Integration with an automated build or continuous integration system


You will need to provide copies of your unprotected assemblies as well as all other runtime dependencies to our RIS engineers either by email or secure download that you provide. An NDA is available to cover the IP rights on the unprotected assemblies.