ERROR: Detected tampering or unauthorized removal of secure storage

When validating a license, you may receive an error that DeployLX has detected tampering of secure storage

Could not validate license "XXXX" in XXXXX. 
  Detected tampering or unauthorized removal of secure storage. 
  An unexpected error occurred while validating. 
  Could not acquire secure storage.


DeployLX uses secure storage to save sensitive information about license state on the end users machine. It does this in a way that intentionally disrupts license validation when the secure storage has been corrupted or modified by a 3rd party.

The location of secure storage is hidden in such a way, that modification is only detected by deliberate efforts of the end user. However on some very rare occasions third party tools or significant modifications to the operating system can corrupt the secure storage. 

Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 deprecates the version API and lies about the current version. The version is used to segment settings for upgrades to reduce problems when updating the OS. Because the API lies, DeployLX is unable to access the correct registry location. Update to the latest nightly build that uses a different segmenting technique.


First, Update the Licensing Runtime

The first and most reliable solution is to update the DeployLX Licensing runtime to the latest available release. XHEO regularly updates the runtime to accomodate known changes introduced by common third party tools and Microsoft system updates.

Download Latest Version

Second, Enable Developer Mode

Developer Mode will reset DeployLX's tamper detection and re-constitute any missing secure storage. Please note that in doing so, any existing state may be lost. Time trials and usage counts may be reset.

See Enabling Developer Mode

Last, Open Support Ticket

If you believe that you have discovered a new unique condition based on a Microsoft system update or third party tool, please open a support ticket. Support engineers will review the first two steps to ensure that you have performed those tasks before researching and potential new conditions.

Open Ticket

Published : Jan 05, 2011
Updated : Oct 21, 2013
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