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The DeployLX framework makes it easy to globalize your licensing experience. However translating the 450+ words and phrases used by DeployLX can be quite tedious.

The XHEO Resx Translator tool automatically translates the text resources of any .NET resource file into any one of 25 languages supported by the Microsoft Bing Translation services.

Initially designed to automate the DeployLX licensing resources, this tool will work for any project's resource files.

Using the Translator

The translator uses the free Microsoft Bing Translation services to translate your RESX files into any one of 25 target languages. To begin, you'll need your own App ID

To translate a RESX file
  • Start up the resxt.exe tool and enter your App ID. Then select Next to continue.
  • Select your RESX file.
  • Select the From and To languages.
  • Select Next to continue.
  • The translator will translate all the text resources in your RESX file.
  • Select save to write the translated version of the RESX file to disk.

The command line interface

The translator can also be run from the command line to automate RESX translations.

usage: resxt.exe /t:<targetLanguage> /s:<sourceLanguage> /appid:<value>
                 [/o:<path>] <resxFile>
resxFile Path to the RESX file to be translated.
/output Path where the translated RESX should be saved. If not provided, automatically uses the default .NET naming conventions based on the target language.
/appId Your App ID.
/sourceLanguage The source language in ISO 2 or 4 letter format. Example 'en' or 'en-US'.
/targetLanguage The target language in ISO 2 or 4 letter format. Example 'en' or 'en-US'.
/automatic Start translating automatically. If successful, save and close when done.
Published : Oct 29, 2011
Updated : Jan 07, 2012
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