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From time to time you may want to update a license file that has already been deployed. You can replace the existing license with the new one and DeployLX will use the new settings the next time the application is restarted.

However if the original license was installed in a location that did not grant write access, or if you are distributing the license as an embedded runtime.lic file then the shadow copy of the license will not be updated automatically. To detect changes in the original license file, DeployLX versions the license file. Whenever you make a change in DeployLX the version is automatically incremented.

When DeployLX validates a license stored in the shadow folder it will examine the original license file to determine if it is a newer version. If so, the existing license is ignored and the original license is used instead. Because the serial number and activation status is stored in the license file, those values are lost and the user is asked to validate their license again.

To disable automatic releases
  • Open an existing license file in the DeployLX Manager. 
  • Select Properties from the License File group of the Ribbon.
  • Uncheck Auto Increment.

You must manually increment the release version to ask DeployLX to use the new license file.

Published : Oct 20, 2011
Updated : Jan 04, 2012
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