Dynamic License Validation Rules

  • Create licenses to fit your needs
  • Change rules without re-compiling
  • Custom solutions for your valued customers

Use Limit

The Use Limit allows the software to be used a limited number of times before a new license is required.

  • Lease software for a specific number of uses.
  • Limit how many times a feature can be used.
  • Renew and extend the license online with a license server.

Code Samples

_license = SecureLicenseManager.Validate(Me, Nothing, Nothing)
Dim monitor = _license.GetUseMonitor()
MessageBox.Show( _
  String.Format("You have {0} of {1} prints.", _
    monitor.UseCount, _
_license = SecureLicenseManager.Validate( this, null, null );
var monitor = _license.GetUseMonitor();
  String.Format( "You have {0} of {1} prints.", 
    monitor.UseLimit.Uses ) );