Manage Shared Software

Let your users install the software anywhere on their network, but control how many instances of your application can run at the same time.

  • Control the number of applications running concurrently on a network
  • Automatic service discovery - it just works for most clients
  • Remote administration lets network admins service the network license server from their workstations.
  • Share software within an office
  • Share software with remote users
  • Check out licenses for specific periods for traveling clients
  • Simple Tray Service for easy installation or standard Windows Service for always on availability

Screen Shots

The network license server running as a tray application. The network administration dashboard showing active clients and recent license activity. The network activity log shows all the license activity since the server was started.

Network licensing for up to 5 connected clients is included with DeployLX Licensing Professional. For larger networks you can purchase your own certificate for 25, 100 or unlimited client machines.

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