Obfuscation: Code Protection Included

DeployLX CodeVeil Express

When you purchase DeployLX Licensing Professional we'll include a free copy of DeployLX CodeVeil Express - a $250 value. The free version of CodeVeil includes

  • Method, property and class renaming
  • Intelligent Automatic Analysis
  • Easy to use tools for a single developer

    Upgrade to the DeployLX Suite For More Protection

    Private Function ( ByVal  As Control) As Boolean
       = ..(  , Nothing, Nothing)
      If .. Then
      End If
      Return ( , )
    End Function
    private bool ( Control  ) {
       = ..( , null, null );
      if( .. )
      return ( , );

    For more protection, upgrade to the DeployLX Suite including DeployLX CodeVeil Professional or Team editions and get

    • Obfuscate Everything! including calls to system libraries and 3rd party assemblies
    • Zero-width obfuscation renaming removes method and type names from browsers.
    • Tamper prevention disables software when modified.
    • Code encryption, string encryption and resource encryption
    • Assembly and resource compression
    • Support multiple developers including, MSBuild and Visual Studio Integration
    • Exception Translation
    • Lots more

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