Authorized Encoders for the Embeddable C# Licensing Runtime

The Embeddable C# Licensing Runtime includes C# source code that can be included directly into your protected assembly. You must use one of the following authorized assembly encoders to process the resulting assembly before distributing your product to any 3rd party.

DeployLX CodeVeil

CodeVeil is the only assembly encryption tool for .NET developers and provides the best protection for .NET source code. You can get DeployLX CodeVeil as part of the complete DeployLX Software Protection System.

Get DeployLX CodeVeil

Competitive Upgrade

If you are a current owner of a competing obfuscation tool you may be elligible for a discount on DeployLX CodeVeil. Please contact the sales team for more information.

Other Encoders

Demeanor by WiseOwl Demeanor was the first obfuscation tool for .NET and still a good alternative to CodeVeil.
Dotfuscator Professional Edition Only the Professional Edition is authorized - not the community edition included with Visual Studio.
Others Please contact us

Required Settings

When using an authorized encoder the following settings must be used on the resulting assembly.

  • All methods, classes and interfaces in the DeployLX.Licensing namespace are are not marked public must be obfuscated.
  • String encryption must be used.
  • When supported code encryption must be used.
  • When supported control flow obfuscation must be used.

DeployLX CodeVeil Express

DeployLX CodeVeil Express v5.x, included with the purchase of DeployLX Licensing v5.x Professional qualifies as an authorized encoder.