Why Don't Activation Codes Work More Than Once?

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After a customer has registered and activated their software with an offline activation code they cannot use their activation code a second time after updating the software or reformatting their machine.

This is by design. Consider the following scenario:

  1. User registers on one machine. 
  2. They receive an activation code. 
  3. They remove the software and install on a second machine. 
  4. They register and activate on the second machine. 
  5. They return to the original machine and use the old activation code and get a second activation.

If the activation codes were not single use only, user's could install on more machines than they are authorized to install on.

You must generate a unique activation code each time the user needs to activate their software.

Generating New Codes

Given the same input values, DeployLX will generate the same activation code which can be troublesome during testing as the code will work only once. To generate a new code, simply change the expiration date.

Published : Sep 01, 2009
Updated : Dec 22, 2011
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