This software was designed for use with 32-bit versions of Windows

When running an application protected by DeployLX Licensing you may receive the following message 

64-bit Hosts Not Supported
This software was designed for use with 32-bit versions of Windows. Please contact the publisher for a compatible version.


The DeployLX Licensing runtime is protected by our DeployLX CodeVeil code protection tool. Part of that process includes encrypting the underlying MSIL code of the methods in the assembly. In order to decrypt the assembly when running, CodeVeil injects a native 32-bit executive loader that decrypts portions of the code as needed. Since the executive loader is 32-bit it cannot be hosted in a 64-bit process. 


There are two ways to resolve this issue.

  1. Target the x86 platfrom to force the host EXE to 32-bit.
  2. Use the Any CPU version of the runtime.

Target the x86 Platform

To force the host application (EXE) to 32-bit you target the x86 platform in Visual Studio.

To target x86 in Visual Basic
  • Select Project | Properties
  • Select the Compile tab
  • Select Advanced Compile Options
  • Change Target Platform to x86
To target x86 in C#
  • Select Project | Properties
  • Select the Build tab
  • Change Platform target to x86
To target x86 after building an EXE
  • Run CORFLAGS /32BIT+ <assembly>

Use the Any CPU Version of the Runtime

DeployLX Licensing includes a version of the runtime that has not been encrypted and will run in native 32- and 64-bit hosts. The Any CPU version can be found at [Program Files]\XHEO\DeployLX\v5.0\Redistributables\.NET 2.0\Any CPU. Simply copy the DeployLX.Licensing.v5.dll assembly from the Any CPU folder over the existing assembly.

Published : Dec 08, 2009
Updated : Jan 04, 2012
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