DeployLX Licensing Keyboard Shortcuts

When DeployLX displays one of the built in forms or a custom super panel to the user, there are a few built-in keyboard shortcuts that can be used to copy diagnostic data or override default behavior for diagnostic/support purposes. Those keyboard shortucts are listed here. 

Available in All Forms


Behavior Displays internet proxy form.
Notes The proxy form allows users to enter proxy information if DeployLX is unable to detect the correct settings from the Internet Explorer proxy configuration. 


Behavior Copies current validation records to clipboard.
Notes The diagnostic data copied to the clipboard includes the list of licenses that have already been validated, and any validation failures that have been detected. It also includes basic information about the host machine such as operating system details and the machine profile hash used for hardware activation. 


Behavior Use an existing license file.
Notes Allows the user to open an existing license file on their computer. Validation will restart - trying the new license file instead. 


Behavior Enter a new serial.
Notes Allows the user to enter a new serial number in case they entered the wrong one and are now stuck and can't continue the license validation process.
Version 4.x

Activation Forms


Behavior Shows the extension form.
Notes When the activation grace period can be extended, pressing F6 will switch to the extension form.


Behavior Opens the Activate Manually form
Notes The "Activate manually by entering a code" button can be hidden by default to force users to activate online by default. If manual activation is enabled, but hidden, pressing F7 will switch to the manual activation form. 

Trial Form


Behavior Shows the extension form
Notes When the trial period can be extended, pressing F6 will switch to the extension form. 
Published : Jan 04, 2010
Updated : Jan 04, 2012
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