DeployLX Software Protection System

Limits Reference

Limits restrict the protected software to a specific set of runtime or designtime conditions. DeployLX includes 35 limits that you can use to control the use of your software.

Super Form Limits


Ties a license to a specific machine so the software cannot be installed on multiple machines without permission.

Activation Limit | ActivationLimit Class


Indicates that the protected software is still in beta and may not be used after a certain point.

Beta Limit | BetaLimit Class


Prompts the user for registration details and unlocks licenses that require a serial number.

Registration Limit | RegistrationLimit Class


Displays a splash screen during validation.

Splash Limit | SplashLimit Class


Provides an evaluation period for the protected software.

Trial Limit | TrialLimit Class


Prompts the user for a serial number from a previous version of the product.

Upgrade Limit | UpgradeLimit Class

Extendable Limits


The Feature Limit is used to enable or disable named product features. The features can be enabled when generating a serial number, or later with an extension code.

Feature Limit | FeatureLimit Class


Resets the client state of an IResettable limit. Typically used with a State limit to reset the temporary grace periods for disconnected machines.

Reset Limit | ResetLimit Class


Restricts how much time the user has to use the protected software.

Time Limit | TimeLimit Class


Limits access to specific Types in the assembly.

Type Limit | TypeLimit Class


Restricts how many times the user can run the protected software or how many times they may perform a protected action.

Use Limit | UseLimit Class

Web Limits

Domain Name

Restricts the use of protected ASP.NET controls and applications to a specific domain name.

Domain Name Limit | DomainNameLimit Class

HTML Branded

Injects HTML into the ASP.NET response when the protected software is used.

HTML Branded Limit | HtmlBrandedLimit Class

IP Address

Restricts the use of protected software to machines that have been assigned a specific IP address.

IP Address Limit | IPAddressLimit Class


Limits the active number of browser sessions allowed to connect simultaneously to a single ASP.NET application.

Sessions Limit | SessionsLimit Class

Standard Limits


Controls the number of running instances of the protected software on a single machine. Use Network Licensing to control instances across the network.

Application Limit | ApplicationLimit Class

Design Time

Allows the protected software to execute in a designer such as Visual Studio .NET.

Designtime and Runtime Limits | DesigntimeLimit Class


Explicitly marks a license as invalid.

Invalid Limit | InvalidLimit Class

License Server

Communicates with a license server to remotely monitor and validate the use of the protected software.

License Server Limit | LicenseServerLimit Class


Requires that only one of it's child limits is valid.

Or Limit | OrLimit Class


Restricts the protected software to running on a list of approved operating systems.

OS Limit | OSLimit Class


Restricts the protected software to use by a specific publisher that has strong named their assemblies.

Publisher Limit | PublisherLimit Class


Prevents the software from being used in an IDE and only allows it to run in a standard runtime host.

Designtime and Runtime Limits | RuntimeLimit Class


Serves as a lite custom limit.

Script Limit | ScriptLimit Class


Restricts the types of host applications that can use the protected software.

Service Limit | ServiceLimit Class


Verifies the accuracy of the system clock by contacting a remote SNTP server.

Time Server Limit | TimeServerLimit Class


Ties a license to a specific release version of the protected software.

Version Limit | VersionLimit Class

State and Filters

Application Type

Filters child limits based on the type of application currently running.

Application Type Limit | ApplicationTypeLimit Class

Feature Filter

Restricts certain limits based on the presence of named features or serial number flags.

Feature Filter Limit | FeatureFilterLimit Class


Determines the connected state of the machine.

Online Limit | OnlineLimit Class

Remote Desktop

Determines if the software is being used over a remote desktop connection.

Remote Desktop Limit | RemoteDesktopLimit Class


Validates child limits when the parent limit matches the desired state.

State Limit | StateLimit Class

Virtual Machine

Determines if the software is being used within a virtual machine

Virtual Machine Limit | VirtualMachineLimit Class

Network Limits

Network License

Controls a network service that coordinates shared use of the protected software on a network.

Network License Limit | NetworkLicenseLimit Class

Network License Client

Requests authorization from a network license service.

Network License Client Limit | NetworkLicenseClientLimit Class

Custom Limits

If the built in limits aren't enough you can create custom limits to enforce your own business rules.

See the Custom Limits topic for details.

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