Network license certificates are used to authenticate network clients and to secure communications across the network. Each organization receives their own certificate so that client licenses cannot be spoofed by other organizations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a certificate for each of my customers?

No. You only need one certificate for your organization. Once purchased, your certificates is used to secure all the network licenses that you sell to your customers. The certificate size limits the largest network size that you can sell.

If you have a 25 client certificate you can sell a license to customer A that permits them to run the software on 5 machine, another license to customer B to allow them to run the software on 25 machines, another license to customer C for up to 15 licenses and so on. If customer D wants to install the software on up to 50 machines, you will need to purchase a 100 client certificate.

Can I upgrade my certificate later?

Yes. Within 60 days, you can exchange your network certificate for a larger version and pay the difference. After that pay the difference plus 10%.

Can I change the organization name on the certificate?

No. Once issued the name on the certificate cannot be changed. The name serves to identify the owner of the certificate to ensure authenticity of the installed software.

Do I need an Assurance Contract?

Maybe. If you have an assurance contract for DeployLX Licensing, you will also need to cover your certificate continue issuing network certificates with later releases.