How-to: Move DeployLX Licensing to a New Machine

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This article outlines the steps required to move DeployLX Licensing to a new development machine.

The general process looks like this:

  1. Backup all license keys.
  2. Install DeployLX Licensing on the new machine.
  3. Restore keys.
  4. Uninstall from old machine.

    Backup All License Keys

    1. Start the DeployLX Manager on the existing machine.
    2. Select Key Manager from the Copy Protection group of the Home tab.
    3. Select Backup Keys.
    4. Select a location such as a network folder or USB flash drive. Select Save.
    5. Enter a password to encrypt the keys with and select OK.
    6. Close the Key Manager and Exit DeployLX.

    Install DeployLX Licensing on the New Machine

    Download the latest release version of the installer from your account and install it on the new machine.

    You will have 7 days before you are required to activate the software on the new machine. You may wait until you have moved all the keys and confirmed that the new installation works as expected before activating.

    If you forgot to uninstall before formatting the old machine, please submit a request for an additional activation.

    Restore Keys

    1. Copy the CLSK file created in step 4 when backing up the keys to the new machine.
    2. Start the DeployLX Manager on the new machine.
    3. Select Key Manager from the Copy Protection group (License Management in 3.x) of the Home tab.
    4. Select Restore Keys.
    5. Select the CLSK file you copied to the new machine and select Open.
    6. If you entered a password in step 5 above, you will be prompted to enter it again when restoring the keys. Enter the password and select OK.

    Uninstall from Old Machine

    Once you have confirmed that the new machine performs as expected you will need to uninstall DeployLX from the old machine. You have 7 days to do this before DeployLX will stop working on the new machine and you are forced to deactivate.

      Published : Aug 18, 2009
      Updated : Dec 25, 2011
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