How-to: Manually Activate a License

Due to policy restrictions at a customer site, or a particular set of hardware settings, some customers may require manual activation by phone or email. In some very rare occasions you may need to create a custom license that is pre-activated for their machine. 

License Settings

Hardware locking and activation can be enabled in either the Easy or Advanced license editors.

To enable Hardware Locking with Manual Activation in the Easy License Editor
  1. Create a new license by selecting New License | Easy License Editor from the Home tab of the ribbon.
  2. In the Basic Options tab, Additional Limits section, select Lock the software to the user's hardware.
  3. Switch to the Hardware Locking tab.
  4. Ensure the Allow the user to activate over the phone or email option is selected.  
To enable Hardware Locking with Manual Activation in the Advanced License Editor
  1. Create a new license by selecting New License | Advanced License Editor from the Home tab of the ribbon.
  2. Select the edition to add hardware locking to from the License Editions list.
  3. Select Activation from the Limits group of the License tab of the ribbon.
  4. In the Activation Options section, ensure Support offline activation is selected.
  5. Repeat for each edition where you want to support activation.

Generating Activation Codes

When the license is validated on the end user's machine, they will be prompted to activate their license. When manual activation is enabled, they can select Activate by Entering a Code. When selected they will be presented with a form that includes their serial number and the unique hardware machine profile hash. The user provides this information to the licensing support representative by copying to an email, or by communicating over the phone. The representative can then use the Generate Activation Unlock Code form to generate a unique code to unlock the license. This code is returned to the user, and entered into the Unlock Code field of the activation form.

Custom Pre-Activated License

To address some unique environment conditions, you may want to provide your customer with a pre-activated license. This license can be copied to the application folder or other valid search folder. When validating the license, DeployLX will not prompt the user to activate since it already has all the hardware information required to verify the machine.

See How-to: Pre-activate a License for details.

Published : May 24, 2011
Updated : Jan 04, 2012
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