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To enforce the licensing must store information on the user's machine. By default the user will need administrator rights to access shared resources on the machine. This article describes the administrator requirements for licensing and how to run in a limited environment.

When an administrator runs protected software for the first time, DeployLX will establish secure storage on the machine that can be accessed by all the users on the machine. If shared secure storage is not created, each user will receive their own individual storage. This grants them their own counters for Time and Use limits and may require each user to register and activate the software separately.

Once an administrator has run the software and the secure storage is created, limited users can use the software without needing administrative access. Since most installers run in the context of an administrator it would be wise to establish secure storage during install. DeployLX includes the License Authorization.exe tool in the Redistributables folder. Invoking this tool as part of the installation can pre-initialize the secure storage.

Note: You must use the DeployLX Licensing runtime targeting .NET 2.0 to use the License Authorization tool.

Running Without Administrator Approval

On occassion you may need to distribute software that installs when a user is not an administrator. You can tell DeployLX not to require an administrator by changing the Administrative Requirements.

To disable the admin check
  1. Open a license in the Advanced License Editor.
  2. Change The first time a license is validated to run as the user.

Note: When run as the user, each user will get their own unique copy of the secure storage database giving them their own time and use counters.
    Published : Sep 01, 2009
    Updated : Feb 18, 2013
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