DeployLX Software Protection System

Options Form

Rules Tab

The Options Form provides a unified interface for configuring the various components and features of the DeployLX Manager.

Select Reset Options to restore the settings of the current page.

To open the Options Form click on the Application Menu, then click on DeployLX Options.

Manager Node

The Manager node contains options that control the behavior of the DeployLX Manager host application.


Recent Files Allows you to configure how many recent documents to keep track of and list in the Application Menu. Select Clear to remove all documents from the list.
Environment Contains settings that control the look and feel of the DeployLX Manager such as the window position and interface color scheme.


The Startup node allows you to configure the behavior and actions performed when the DeployLX Manager starts.

Show splash screen at startup When selected, a splash screen will be displayed when the application is starting and will display the current progress of the application.
Show the Getting Started page at startup When selected, the Getting Started page will be shown automatically when the application starts. The Getting Started page contains general guidance on using the installed components and shortcuts to the most common actions.
Check for updates when DeployLX starts When selected, DeployLX will attempt to contact the server to see if there are any new updates available to download.


The components page allows you to add or remove DeployLX Components or to prevent them from being loaded when the application starts.

Warning Components are added and removed automatically by the component installer and should not be modified here. You should only make changes to the Components tab when instructed to by a support engineer.

Additional Nodes

The navigation tree on the left side of the form allows you to select which components to configure. Each installed component of the DeployLX Software Protection System will add a new node to the tree to configure settings specific to that component.

To obtain help about a specific node, select it and press F1.

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