DeployLX Software Protection System

DeployLX Manager Main Form

Rules Tab

The DeployLX Manager serves as the central tool for working with DeployLX Software Protection System Components.

The tabs displayed across the top of the application window contain links to the tools available for use or to the actions to be performed on the currently selected document.

When the application is first loaded the Getting Started page is displayed in the document area. The Getting Started page contains basic help to quickly get you up to speed along with links to the most common tasks.


File Menu

The application menu is located in the upper right corner of the application window and contains the DeployLX Shield. The menu provides links to some of the most common actions including Save, Open and Recent Documents.

Home Tab

The home tab lists the most common tools from all of the currently installed components.

Other Tabs

As new documents are opened additional context sensitive tabs will be displayed containing tools for use specifically with that document. To obtain help for a specific tools, hover the mouse over the tool for a brief description. For more detailed help, press F1 while the tip is displayed.

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