DeployLX Software Protection System

Whats New with DeployLX®


This section higlights some of the major changes. For a complete list view the DeployLX Change Log online.

New in DeployLX Licensing

Feature See
New in version 5.0
Support .NET 4.0  
New in version 4.1
Support .NET 4.0 System Requirements
New in version 4.0
Support Windows 7 System Requirements
Network License limit that makes it easier to manage and enforce license usage on a network. Includes Check-in, Check-out, centralized configuration and more.

Network Licensing

Type and Feature limits to control named or typed features and enable or disable their use with a serial number. Type and Feature limits
Added State limit to support alternate limit rules based on parent limit state. State Limit
Added Reset limit to enable license state for other limits to be reset. Reset Limit
New in version 3.1
Administrator Authorization while can be granted directly while executing the licensed application rather than restarting. Uses Vista elevation prompts as needed.

Elevation Command

Additional Translations. Additional machine translated resources templates for German, Italian, Spanish and French cultures. Redistributable folder in installation folder.
New in version 3.x
Easy and Advanced License editors make it easy to design licenses and add protection to your software. The Easy License Editor includes basic options that can be used without any previous experience with licensing systems while the Advanced License Editor gives you complete control of the vast licensing tools available to you.

Easy License Editor

Advanced License Editor

Common license scenarios are described and documented to get you up to speed quickly. Common Scenarios
Unified User Interface adds a common experience for the user throughout the entire licensing process and makes it easy to modify existing or create your own forms.

Licensing User Interface

Advanced Hardware Locking with better machine difference analysis, cumulative/rolling changes and deactivation/machine Transfer. Hardware Locking and the Activation Process
Network floating license support to support site or enterprise licenses. (Deprecated in 4.0)
New limits including the Time, Use, Floating, OS, Script, Time Server and Upgrade limits. All 24 Limits
Asynchronous validation of time consuming limits to improve overall performance. Delayed Limits
Extendable limits like the Time and Use limits that can be renewed or extended remotely. Extendable Limits
Software subscriptions can now be created without automatic renewal with the server or manually be entering extension codes. License Extensions and Subscriptions
Better code generating system for serial numbers, activation codes and extensions. Secure codes are shorter and do not include often confused characters (1 and I) making it much easier for your customers to enter them correctly. Serial Numbers, Activation Codes and Extensions
Custom code algorithms can be used to generate serial numbers, activation codes and extensions. Custom License Codes
Consolidated Servers. The license and activation servers have been consolidated into a single service. License Servers in DeployLX Licensing
Better integration with 3rd party resellers makes it even easier to sell your software through your distribution channels. Integrating with E-Commerce

Obsolete Features & Breaking Changes

The following features are no longer available in DeployLX Licensing. The list provides either a workaround or a reference to the new feature should be used instead.

All breaking changes can be tracked online in the bug tracking system.

Feature Solution
Obsolete in version 4.0
Will not enforce Classes property any longer. Use new Feature Limit instead. Open license in DeployLX to automatically convert.
Floating limit has been deprecated and no longer included in the runtime. Use the new Network Licensing tools instead.
Obsolete in version 3.1

Change overloads for LicenseServer command methods to take a reference to a new SeverRequestContext class. The license server wizard must be re-run to generate a new compatible server.

Changes will not affect client installs protected by DeployLX Licensing 3.0. Only the server must be updated.

Re-run Server Wizard to generate update server.

New in DeployLX CodeVeil

Feature See
New in version 5.0



New in version 4.0
Support Windows 7 System Requirements
Integrated into DeployLX. User Interface
64-bit support. System Requirements
Encryption & Runtime Protection

Better encryption.

Assembly Encryption
Speed improvement. Speed and Performance
Improved Anti-Hacking features. Runtime Protection
Resource encryption & compression Resources
Better, faster string encryption. String Encryption


Improved obfuscation. Obfuscation
Anti-Reflection breaks disassemblers even without encryption. Runtime Protection
Inter-Assembly obfuscation supports private assemblies. The Veiling Process
Better support for generics and anonymous methods.  
Better support for Settings, Resources and My* classes.  
Better serialization and remoting support.  
Obfuscation of satellite assemblies. Resources
Use ObfuscationAttribute to control obfuscation directly in assembly. ObfuscationAttribute
Re-sign with keys in the machine or user store. Strong Names
Debugging & Diagnostics
Embeddable diagnostic information for troubleshooting issues.  
Exception stack trace translation. Translate Exception
MSBuild tasks and default targets. MSBuild Reference
Multi-threaded veiling for build teams.


Automatic processing satellite assemblies. Resources

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