DeployLX Software Protection System

DeployLX® Software Protection System


Components of the DeployLX Software Protection System

Component Description
DeployLX Licensing

Provides advanced copy protection and license managment for all .NET software including components, class libraries, applications, ASP.NET and Windows® services.

DeployLX CodeVeil

The most secure intellectual property protection for .NET. CodeVeil uses sophisticated assembly encryption, obfuscation and runtime protection to secure .NET software from modification and reverse engineering.

DeployLX Manager

Host application for each of the individual componets. Provide editors and tools for working with the associated project and resource types.

Assurance Program

Assurance Program Support

The Assurance Program is maintained by XHEO to provide regular updates and fixes to licensed users of our products. If you purchased more than 90 days ago, you will need an Assurance Contract to install the latest version of DeployLX.

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