DeployLX Software Protection System

Theme Editor Form

Rules Tab

The Theme Editor allows you to configure the Super Form Theme for all the licenses in the license file.


See the License User Interface topic for more details.

Summary Tab

Base Color All other colors on the form are derived from this color. Switch to the Colors Tab to customize each individual color.
Default Colors

Loads the default DeployLX Colors.

Theme Defaults

Removes all customizations and returns the theme to the default settings.

Footer Logo URL

The address to open a new browser window to when the footer logo is selected.

Footer Pick Image

Pick an image to display on the footer of all Super Form windows.

Default Icons

The default icons are displayed in the upper left corner of the Super Form when no other logo image is specified for the panel.


The default icon to display when no logo is specified.


Used for the error report panel and any other error reporting panel.


Used for information panels such as the "About Activation" panel.

Colors Tab

Modify individual colors in the theme. When a color is selected the preview area will be filled with that color. Select Preview Form to preview the changes to the colors in real time.

Key Name of the color used internally by the Super Form to paint portions of the form. Custom keys can be added for custom Super Form Panels.
Color The color. Select the drop down arrow to select the color visually.
Delete the color. If the color is a required color it will resort to it's default value based on the base color.
Defaults Loads the default DeployLX colors.

Images Tab

When an image is selected a preview of the image will be displayed in the preview window. Select Preview Form to preview the changes to the images in real time.


Name of the image used as a key to load the image when painting the Super Form at runtime. Select the drop down arrow to see a list of images that can be configured. Custom keys can be added for custom Super Form Panels.

Address The address of the image resource. Can point to an image embedded in an assembly, license file, on a user's machine or online. Select the button that appears to edit the address with the Address Editor.
Select to browse for an image.
Delete the image customization. Open the Shared Resources form to delete the actual image from the license.

Properties Tab

Key/value pairs for text properties. Currently the only key used is companyurl which is used to set the url for the footer logo.

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