DeployLX Software Protection System

Resource Editor Form

Rules Tab

The Resource Editor is modified or configures resources embedded directly into the license or license file.

See the Resources and Addresses topic for details.

Image Tab

Embed an image into the license or license file. Should be reserved for smaller images such as icons and logos. Use the File Tab to reference an external image file.

The preview area will display a sample of the embedded image file.

Import Imports a PNG, JPG, GIF or BMP file to be embedded into the license.
Reload If the image file has been modified outside of the editor during the same editing session you can use the Reload button to quickly import the same image again.
Save Saves the embedded image to a file.

File Tab

Resources can either be embedded directly in the license or can reference an external file located on the user's machine or a remote server.

Embed a file directly into the license

The file chosen will be embedded directly into the license file. This can be used to embed any file although images should use the Image Tab.

File located on this machine The identified image will automatically be imported into the license each time it is saved. This can be helpful to automatically pickup changes to a logo or text file during development.
File located on a web server or client's machine

Point the resource to an external file.

This can be used to make it easier to reference an external file in a license that multiple limits want access to. Instead of managing the external address at each limit, you can point the limit to the embedded resource which in turn redirects to the external resource.

Text Tab

The Text Tab lets you embed a plain text (or HTML) resource such as an EULA agreement which can then be shown to the user during license validation

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