DeployLX Software Protection System

License File Properties Form

Rules Tab

The License File Properties form provides access to shared properties for all licenses in the license file.


Release Version

The release version is used in situations when the same license might appear in multiple locations on the target machine and only one version should be used.

An example would be an embedded runtime.lic that has been installed on the machine. In order to retain an entered serial number across updates to the protected assembly the existing version of the license is left in tact. However if changes to the embedded runtime.lic are made that should override the existing license, increasing the release version will tell DeployLX to use the new license instead.

Auto increment

Increment the Release Version automatically when the license file is saved in the license manager.

Client Persistence
Original Location

Save a modified license over the original. Usually in the application folder, or the shadow folder if access is denied.

Shared Folder

Save changes to a shared folder available to all applications.


Let DeployLX decide.

Generate code masks automatically

Masks are used when prompting users for serial numbers, activation codes and extensions.

By default, DeployLX will attempt to create masks automatically. If DeployLX is unable to generate masks automatically you can enter your own, disabling this feature to prevent DeployLX from overwriting your custom masks. This should only be changed by instruction from a customer support agent.

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