DeployLX Software Protection System

Key Manager Form

Rules Tab

The Key Manager provides tools for working with license keys.

Generally all key related tasks are automated by the license editors but the Key Manager can be used to backup and restore keys as well as manually perform other maintenance tasks.

To open this form select Key Manager from either the Home or Signatures Tab on the Ribbon.

Installed Keys

The installed list shows all the license signing keys that have been created on the machine and allows you to remove old or invalid keys. The version column shows the version of DeployLX that the keys were created with.

Caution Keys cannot be regenerated or recovered if lost. When deleting keys be sure to make a backup first.

Key Actions

New Keys

Opens the Create Keys form for manually creating a new set of keys.

Browse Import keys from another machine.

Export the keys. When selected you will be presented with several options.

DeployLXKeys (.cs or .vb)

Used to manually protect an assembly.

Public & Private Key Export a key for installation on a license server.
Upgrade Upgrade the keys to the current version or convert keys generated with the trial version.
Backup All Keys Back up all installed keys to a single file to be stored on an external backup media. A password can be provided to encrypt the backed up keys.
Restore Keys Restore keys previously backed up. Keys can be restored on any machine as long as a the password originally used to backup the keys is provided.

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