DeployLX Software Protection System

Hardware List Editor Form

Rules Tab

The Hardware List Editor is used to assign weights to hardware components when evaluating the differences between two machines.

Additional Reading

Hardware Componets

See the Hardware Locking and the Activation Process for details about the components used when generating a machine profile.

When two hardware profiles are compared DeployLX will consider each component listed and tally up the differences. The tally is weighted making some components more important than others.


The component to be evaluated.


The default amount to add to the tally when the components do not match.


For component types that can have multiple instances such as MAC Addresses and Video Cards the Partial Weight is the amount to tally when some components match but not all.


The amount to add to the tally when the physical .LIC file has been moved outside of the licensing API such as when copying between machines or when backing up and restoring a hard drive image.

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