DeployLX Software Protection System

Generate Serial Numbers Form

Rules Tab

Use the Generate Serial Numbers form to create codes used to unlock a license.

Select Generate Serial Number from the Generate Code menu on the Home Tab of the Ribbon to open the form.

See the Serial Numbers & the Registration Process topic for more details.


Select the named flags to enable when the user enters the generated serial number.

Initialization Data

The intial value of an extendable limit (like a Time or Use limit) can be set when the user enters their serial number.

Select Limit Select the limit to initialize with the serial number.
Amount After selecting a limit, an editor will be shown allowing you to set the amount to initialize the limit with. For example the time limit will show a control permitting you to set the initial time in seconds, minutes, hours, days, etc.

Output Options

Plain output Don't include serial number header and seed information.

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