DeployLX Software Protection System

Generate Extension Code Form

Rules Tab

Use the Generate Extension Code form to create extension codes which can be used to extend the use of Time, Use and other Extendable limits.

Select Generate Extension Code from the Generate Code menu on the Home Tab of the Ribbon to open the form.

See the License Extensions & Subscriptions topic for more details.

Extension Data

This information is displayed to the user by the extension form during validation and can be copied to the clipboard or sent in an email.

Serial Number

The serial number of the license to be extended.

Limit Code

Displayed on the extension form next to the limit the user would like to extend.

Used to prevent an extension code from being used multiple times on a machine.

Code Expires

The user must enter extension code by this date.

By setting an expiration date on the extension code you can prevent the code from being reused after the machine has been reformatted.

Select Limit Select the limit to extend. Must correspond to the Limit Code provided by the user.
Extension Amount After selecting a limit, an editor will be shown allowing you to set the amount to extend the license. For example the time limit will show a control permitting you to extend the license by a specific number of seconds, minutes, hours, days, etc.
Add Added to the current value on the client's machine.
Absolute Set a new absolute maximum value for the limit.


Resulting extension code will be displayed in the result box. Can be read over the phone to the user or copied to an email.

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