DeployLX Software Protection System

Generate Activation Unlock Code Form

Rules Tab

Use the Generate Activation Unlock Code form to create activation codes for offline hardware locking. Codes generated with this tool can be entered by a user without Internet access to unlock the software for use on their machine.

Select Generate Activation Unlock Code from the Generate Code menu on the Home Tab of the Ribbon to open the form.

See the Hardware Locking and the Activation Process topic for more details.

Activation Data

This information is displayed to the user by the activation form during validation and can be copied to the clipboard or sent in an email.

Serial Number

Serial number of the license to be unlocked.

Machine Hash Code

Hash code of the client's machine.

Machine ID

ID of the machine to be activated.

Corresponds to an optional profile that the user may select when the license permits multiple machine profiles.

Code Expires

Date when the activation code can no longer be used to unlock the software.

Setting an expiration date on the unlock codes prevents their use at a later time to reinstall the software without permission.


The resulting unlock code will be displayed here. Can be read over the phone to the user or copied to an email.

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