DeployLX Software Protection System

Remote Monitoring Tab

Rules Tab

The Remote Monitoring Tab of the Easy License Editor configures how DeployLX should communicate with the license server.

Remote Monitoring lets you track and authorize usage from a central server hosted on your network or on a web server.

See the License Server Limit reference and the License Servers in DeployLX topic for more details.

See the Developers Guide for details on using the DeployLX Licensing System.

Trace software usage remotely

License Servers

List of license servers to use for remote monitoring, registration processing and automatic hardware activation.

Check the server every time the software is used

Contact the license server each time the license is validated.

Only check the license server every XXX

Attempt to contact the server on a background thread once per day. If the server connection fails during this period license will continue normally.

Create Server

Select to run the License Server Wizard.

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