DeployLX Software Protection System

Registration Tab

Rules Tab

The Registration Tab of the Easy License Editor controls the way the registration form behaves during license validation.

See the Registration Limit reference and Serial Numbers and the Registration Process topic for more details.

See the Developers Guide for details on using the DeployLX Licensing System.

Registration Form Details

Require registration

User must provide their registration information to use the software.

Prompt the user to register every XXX days

Establishes a reminder period if registration is not required and the user elected to register later.

Show hardware activation option

Add an option to the registration form to activate their software automatically when the user is online. Hardware locking must also be enabled.

Confirm registration with a license server

Contacts the license server during registration and request authorization.

Continue if server connection fails

Registration may continue even if the license server cannot be contacted.

Registration Fields


Name of the field. Used as a key in the Registration Info collection on the license.

Display Name

The name to display on the registration form. If not provided uses the Name column.

Field Type

The type of control to display on the form.


The user must enter a value in the field to complete registration.

Custom Type Name

When Field Type is Custom the assembly qualified name of the Type to use.

For example with a custom control named MyCustomControl in the assembly Widgets with a default namespace of Acme.Widgets the resulting value should be


The field may not be removed from the list and the Name may not be changed.

Remove the field from the list.

Miscellaneous Options

Logo Resource

Address of the resource to display in the upper left of the registration form. Should be a 130 by 115 PNG, JPG, GIF or BMP and may contain transparency.

Follow up URL

URL to open in a new browser window after registration has completed. Can be used to show a "thank you" message or upsell the user.

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