DeployLX Software Protection System

Hardware Locking Tab

Rules Tab

The Hardware Locking Tab of the Easy License Editor configures the software activation features of DeployLX.

Hardware locking allows you to prevent the software from being shared between users or installed on multiple machines without purchasing additional licenses.

See the Activation Limit reference and the Hardware Locking and the Activation Process topic for more details.

See the Developers Guide for details on using the DeployLX Licensing System.

Activation Options

Show Activation Form

The activation form is never displayed but all other aspects of the hardware locking rules are still enforced.


The activation form is displayed every time the license is validated until the software is successfully activated.

Before the grace period expires

The activation form is only displayed before the activation grace period has expired. After the grace period expires the license will simply fail.

After the grace period expires

The activation form will only be displayed after the activation grace period has expired.

Disable "Activate Later" Button for XXX seconds

Prevents the user from selecting "Activate Later" for the given number of seconds.

Automatically activate without prompting user

Attempts to contact the license server to activate the license automatically when the license is validated.

Allow the user to activate over the phone or email

The user can enter an activation code to unlock their software. Otherwise the user must contact to the license server to activate online.

Require user to press F7 to activate manually

The "Activate Manually" option will not be displayed and the user must type F7 to enter the activation code.

Allow the user to move the software to another machine

Enables the software deactivation wizard to permit software transfers from one machine and installed on another.

Allowed Hardware Profiles

Enforce different rules for different types of computers, or track multiple profiles for a single machine such as the docked and undocked state of a single laptop.


The display name of the profile such as Desktop or Laptop.

Tolerance The maximum weighted difference between the activated profile and the current machine before the user is required to re-activate the software.
Machine Type

The type of machine that can be activate with this profile.

Activation Grace Period

The period of time the user may use the software without activating. When both time and use options are selected the grace period will expire when either limit is reached.

Allow the user to wait to activate

Allow the user to use the sofware without activating for a period of time.


The amount of time to let the user continue without activating.

Allow a few uses before activation

When selected, allows the user to run the software a specific number of times before activating.


The number of times the user can run the software before activating.

Allow grace period extensions

Permit the user to extend their grace period by contacting a license server or by providing them with an extension code.

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