DeployLX Software Protection System

Basic Options Tab

Rules Tab

The Basic Options Tab of the Easy License Editor selects the general style of licensing and the runtime types of limits to use.

See the Developers Guide for details on using the DeployLX Licensing System.

How should users unlock the software?

With a serial number that I provider

Create a license file that is unlocked by entering a serial number and provide an optional initial trial period.

Allow users to try the software first

Allow users to evaluate the software before requiring that they enter a serial number.

With a unique license for each user

Create a license file that will not prompt for a serial number and must be copied to the end user's machine to unlock the software.

Ask for registration information

If a serial number is not required to unlock the software, till prompt the user for their contact information when the license is installed.

Additional Limits

Lock the software to the user's hardware

Tie the license to the user's hardware. Attempts to use the license or serial number on a different machine will result in an error.

Track software usage remotely

Periodically check in with a remote license server to determine if the license is still valid.

Limit how long the software can be used

Limit how long the software can be used after registering. Does not apply to the trial edition.

Limit the number of times the software can be used

Limit the number of times the software can be used after registering.

Product Editions

Each license file (.LIC) represents a collection of related licenses representing different editions of the protected software.

To add a license to the license file, select the Add License button from the License Tab on the Ribbon or use the Ctrl+L keyboard shortcut.


The name of the product edition represented by the license.

Serial Number\Code Prefix The prefix to use when generating serial numbers, activation codes and extensions for the license.
Removes the edition from the license file.

Common Properties

Assembly Version The version of the protected software to unlock.
License Agreement Resource

Address of a the end user license agreement resource. Can point to an embedded resource, local file or remote location.

Purchase URL
The URL where the user can purchase a fully licensed version of the software. When the users selects the Buy Now or Purchase buttons a new browser window will be opened to this address.
License Servers List of license server addresses to use for remote monitoring, registration processing and automatic hardware activation.
Create Server Select to run the License Server Wizard.

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