DeployLX Software Protection System

Compare Machine Hashes Form

Rules Tab

With the Machine Hash Comparison Form you can determine the differences between two different hardware profiles.

Select Compare to evaluate the hashes and determine which hardware compoments are different.

The list shows the hardware components that don't match. A value of No Match indicates the hardware components are completely different. A value of Partial Match indicates that only some of a multi instance component match.

See the Hardware Locking and Activation Process topic for more details.

Machine Codes

First Machine Code

The first of the machine hashes to compare.

Second Machine Code

The second of the machine hashes to compare.

Select Hardware

Manually enter the hardware compoments to compare.


Difference Rating

The weighted difference between the two hashes. This is the value compared against the activation profile tolerance to determine if the machine has changed.

Requires Activation?

Indicates if an additional activation would be required for a license activated with the first hash is used on a machine with the second hash.

Machine Type

Indicates if the machine types of the two hashes match.

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