DeployLX Software Protection System

Use Limit

The Use Limit restricts how many times the user can run the protected software or how many times they may perform a protected action.

The Use Limit is often used to define as a child limit when defining the grace period for an Activation limit or the evaluation period of a Trial limit.

How is the Use Limit Enforced?

When the license is validated DeployLX checks to see if the uses exceedd the total number of allowed uses and if so will result in a validation failure. How the use count is tracked is determined by the use type.

At A Time

Tracks the use count each time the application launched. Use the UseExpired event to be notified when the number of uses has been exceeded.

Cumulative Tracks use count from the time that the protected software was first used even between sessions.

Monitoring the Use Limit

Monitor the use count by requesting an instance of the UseMonitor from the license by calling GetUseMonitor. Then subscribe to the UseExpired event to receive notification when the use count has been exceeded.

Note Uninstalling the software and reinstalling does not reset the use count. To reset the count change the LicenseId of the license or the LimitId of the Use Limit.

Extending the Use Limit

The Use Limit supports extensions to authorize continued use of the software after the use count has been reached. This can be used to create a subscription service that requires periodic renewal or to extend the evaluation period of a trial.

Use the Generate Extension Code form to create codes for extending the uses on a users machine.

To support extensions


  1. Select the Trial/Evaluation tab in the Easy License Editor.
  2. Select the Allow trial extensions option.

Activation Grace Period

  1. Select the Hardware Locking tab in the Easy License Editor.
  2. Select the Allow grace period extensions option.

Use Limit

  1. Select the Time/Use Limits tab in the Easy License Editor.
  2. Select the Allow extensions option.
  1. Select the license containing the Use limit in the license list of the Advanced License Editor.
  2. Switch to the Limits tab.
  3. Select the Use limit under the in the limits tree.
  4. Select the Uses can be extended by the license server and by code or serial number options.

Secure Storage

The limit uses DeployLX's Secure Storage service to track state on the client machine. Secure storage imposes additional security requirements that may require additional configuration

See the Secure Storage topic for more details.

Customizing The Forms

The forms may be customized or completely replaced to fit your specific application style.

Customize the colors and icons of the forms by selecting the Theme button from the License Tab on the Ribbon.

See the How to Create a Custom Form topic for details on replacing or customizing the form.

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